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You might be concerned about somebody in your life, somebody who’s drastically changed because of substance addiction. An intervention may be the best place to begin in getting help for your loved one. Interventions are one of the most successful ways of getting addicts into a rehabilitation treatment program. As a family member who loves them dearly, watching on as they struggle and fight can be agonizing. Though you deeply love your family member or loved one, you are fed up with saying no, fed up with getting used, and tired of the people who encourage the addict with codependent behavior. Doubt can’t prevent you from taking action: you can’t be afraid of confrontation. Call Intervention Centers California at  (877) 430-9797 for information about recovery services intervention and how to organize an intervention for your loved one.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention seeks to persuade an addict to enter a rehab facility to treat their problems with dependency though the use of an organized counseling group comprised of individuals who care about the addict, such as family members, loved ones, clergy, and instructors.  The group combines their efforts to confront the addict about the consequences of their drug addiction, and urge them to seek treatment. Most often the addict will either not realize there is an issue, or be in denial about their problem, and many times they’ll be unwilling to get help, but the objective of an intervention is essentially to offer the addict an opportunity to make changes in their life, and potentially save their life. During an intervention it is very important discuss:

  • the treatment plan along with goals and instructions that the addict is expected to follow
  • explicit examples of bad behavior and how it has affected the addict and their family members
  • what every member of the intervention pledges to do if the addict doesn’t enter a rehabilitation or treatment facility

Usually there are four types of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is ‘simply’ asking the target to stop their harmful behavior. Before any other, more elaborate intervention techniques are tried, a simple intervention should be attempted.
  • A crisis intervention is intended for use in extremely hazardous situations, such as violence, reckless driving, or intense drug addiction.
  • The goal of a classical intervention is to direct the focus of the dialogue on a particular person in order to get them to agree to rehabilitation immediately.
  • Family system interventions center the focus on all of the family members, and getting them to adjust their behaviors. Since cases of substance abuse and domestic violence often create dysfunctional living environments, everybody involved will need help correcting their behaviors.

What’s the Difference between an Intervention and Treatment?

It is essential to be aware of the differences between intervention and treatment, and to remember the fact that both are needed for a successful recovery. Detox Programs Rehab considers intervention a procedure where friends and family persuade a family member, friend, or loved one to agree to enter a rehab facility so that they may be able to defeat their substance addiction. An intervention is NOT rehabilitation, and will not be enough to convince an addict stop abusing drugs or alcohol on its own. At rehab facilities like Alcohol Services Recovery, the addict learns about the disease of drug and alcohol abuse, how to sustain long term recovery, and what triggers the urge to use their substance of choice. Intervention Services Modesto, CA very strongly suggests following up an intervention promptly with a treatment program, preferably on the same day.

For Immediate Help, Call Drug Help Recovery Treatment As Soon As Possible!

It’s a frustrating or horrifying experience to watch a family member suffer and battle with substance abuse. Sometimes, an intervention may be as easy as asking the person to stop their behavior, however, many times it requires an organized, combined effort by friends and family. To talk to an interventionist, locate a rehabilitation program, or learn about dependency in general, contact Intervention Services Modesto. Call (877) 430-9797 immediately to help a family member get the support they so urgently need!

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